About Madagascar

Madagascar as it is officially known as The Republic of Madagascar is an Island that is found in the Indian Ocean right in the South Eastern side of Africa. This is a nation that stands up for the recognition as the fourth largest Island in the world. This sets up this nation in the area of Island tourism in the entire Africa.

One lovely thing to note about this Island is that it is a nation that was separated from India 88 million years ago and it is one of the islands that have the rare wild animals in the entire world. You will want to found out on these wild animals that indeed have evolved right from the time this Island was separated from India. Although, these wildlife in the ecosystem are challenged by human activities which include poaching and frequent settling.

The geographical factors of this Island

Well it’s prominent with the fact that it has one of its highest peaks in a location called the Massifs. This is what many visitors take their time to learn more about in their trip. At the Massifs there are other high points that include the

  • Maromokotro that is approximately 9,436 fts,
  • The Tsaratanana Massif which is one of the attractive peaks on the Island that measures about 8720 fts.

There are also a couple of other peaks that sets apart this Island that includes the

  • Boby Peak,
  • Andrigitra Massif
  • And the Tsiafajavona Peak.

It is also important to note that right at the eastern side of this Island; there is a manmade lake that is not only found in isolation but in a series of other manmade lakes around the Island. These manmade lakes are in fact generated from the canals that were built by the French. All these are some of the factors that set apart this Island form a majority of other island in Africa. It is not news to note that there is plenty of rainforests, tropical dry forests and the deserts shrubs that compliment the Island into a wonderful Place on earth. This is why there exists one of the rare animals in the world.

What sets apart The Republic of Madagascar?

One of the things that set apart this Island is the fact that it has one of the wonderful flora and fauna that contains a diverse wildlife and birds. This Island forms a home for many mammals and primates that include the monkeys and lemur that are found in 99 different species. The lemurs are the animals that are classified as the rare animals on this island. Apart from the many Islands that are found on the Indian Ocean, Madagascar remains to be the best to visit.

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