7 Tips That Will Make Your Visit More Enjoyable and Help You Save At Least $200 at Disney World

A visit to Disney World can be costly, especially if you are going with the whole family. If you can use a few tricks to save even $100 each member, your total savings can add up to $400 for a family of four. Plan ahead and make sure that you take advantage of these 7 tips to save at Disney World:

1. Buy your tickets in advance. Don’t buy your tickets at the gate. If you buy your tickets from an authorized reseller, you can end up saving $10 to $20 per ticket or an extra day free.

2. If you are staying at the select Walt Disney World Resort hotels (and there are a bunch of them), don’t pay additional charges to get your luggage transported from the airport. Take advantage of Disney’s Magical Express Transportation, which provides free roundtrip airport transportation and baggage delivery for guests.

3. Don’t buy souvenirs, like T-shirts at Disney. Instead, buy them from the discount outlets around Disney in Orlando area that can save you 10 to 20% off the regular prices.

4. Purchase Magic Your Way Vacation Package that will include a Disney dining plan. The savings can be substantial – about 30% compared to buying your own meals at the restaurants.

5. If you want to avoid long waiting lines, line up in the left line (as opposed to the right line) because the left line moves faster.

6. Get a complimentary Disney FASTPASS to reduce your wait time for your favorite attractions. Look for “Disney’s FASTPASS Distribution” sign near the entrance of an attraction. The pass will tell you when to return back and you can be almost in the front of the line.

7. Don’t buy drinking water bottles. Instead, carry your own water bottles and fill them up at drinking water fountains available throughout at Disney World.

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