6 Waterfall Survivor Tips

There are so many fatal incidents in the waterfall that occur around the world and does anyone know what are the causes to these fatal incidents and does anyone know there are actually some prevention tips to avoid this from happening? If you are a nature lover and visit waterfalls frequently, you should really continue reading.

1. Look at the weather

Always look at the weather and make sure the sky is clear before visiting waterfall, if the sky looks murky, you should definitely cancel the visit. Floods can always happen without any signal, it always happens in just a second.

2. Avoid rainy day

It is not a good time to visit waterfall during a rainy day, in case if you are in the waterfall and it is just to start to rain, look for higher ground and stay away from the riverbank.

3. Stay calm from undercurrents

If you are sucked in an undercurrent in the waterfall, do not panic. The more panic and the more you are struggling, the deeper you will be sucked in. Stay calm and the water will release you eventually.

4. Stay calm from water sweeping

If you are being swept away by the water, try to organize yourself to face upwards and follow the flow.

5. Look at the color of the water

If you realize that the color of the water is changing, it is a signal that strong raining in the upstream. You should get out from the waterfall immediately.

6. The rocks

Try not to step on the rock in the waterfall, they are always slippery. Always make sure the step is stable before decide to proceed to the next.

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