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6 Great Family Activities in Big Bend

Big Bend offers many activities for your family, from sightseeing and hiking to river running and birding. You can choose from comfortable lodging and eateries to outback wilderness adventures. Many activities can be done at a leisurely pace, and others can be done with the aid of fully trained guides and professionals.

Running the River

One of the most popular activities in this region is running the Rio Grande. Choose from several professionally trained river outfitters to make the most of your river adventure. Outfitters will include all the equipment and transportation you need to experience the canyons and lowlands.


One of the best ways to experience this area is by foot on one of the many improved hiking trails. Many trails are marked well and can be selected according to your hiking skill level. Guides are available, and offer excellent backgrounds in the area’s geology and biology. It is important to be prepared before going out alone in Big Bend, and several booklets and information resources are available.

Vehicle Tours

Get into some of the most remote backcountry roads in the USA with a guided vehicle tour. Drivers are experienced in the area and can give a very personalized view from the many jeep trails. Many tours include interesting talks about the local history and geology.


For a more adventurous activity, consider biking through some of the desert trails. Big Bend offers some excellent biking conditions, if you know where to look. Guided bike tours are available and include some of the most remote bike areas available.

Horseback Riding

Visitors can view Big Bend in the same way as the original pioneers in this area: from the back of a horse. Outfitters have everything you need, and they offer rides from a few hours to several days. There are several stables that offer to house your horse overnight for those visitors that wish to bring their own horse.

Bird Watching

Big Bend’s unique geology and features offer an assortment of habitats for birds. More than 400 species are found in Big Bend National Park alone. This area lies in a unique borderland of western and eastern species. There are many birds unique to this area, and the region boasts more species than any other National Park and more than most states.

There is no denying that the Big Bend region of Texas is an excellent place to vacation. With so many interesting activities for you and your family, your next vacation can be one to remember!

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