5 Reasons Why Camping And Canoeing Make A Great Trip Away

Canoeing is very a popular hobby or sport and camping is a very enjoyable pastime for many, so the combination of the two can make a break away from home really come together to make the whole family enjoy their holiday.

Below, we take a look at why we think that camping and canoeing can make the ideal holiday for many families and individuals.

Cost – When you take into account how much it can cost to fly abroad, eat and sleep there for a week, you can soon see that a camping and canoeing holiday can be very cost effective and yet you can still have just as good a time. Add into the equation that it often costs less to cook and drink by your own tent than head out to restaurants every night, the cost of a canoeing and camping holiday begins to look quite good.

Fun For Everyone – Some holidays are more suited to some than others, but camping and canoeing seems to appeal to the majority of people looking for something fun to do. Canoeing is a fantastic sport or hobby for most people because after a little bit of tuition you can really start to enjoy being out in the open, canoeing down a beautiful river at your own pace, without the worry of competition or pressure.

Locations – One of the great things about choosing to hire a canoe and also combine it with some camping is that you suddenly find yourself being able to go to lots of locations, rather than just being subjected to a few areas here and there. Although our next point is journey times, it really does make a difference if you don’t have to drive or fly for hours just to go on holiday, which is a plus point when it comes to camping and canoeing because there are so many possibilities.

Journey Times – As previously mentioned, you can pretty much drive to a camping and canoeing spot within hours, rather than having to drive to an airport or spend all day on a train or boat to go on holiday. If you have a large family then this really is a major plus point, because there is nothing worse than spending all day travelling to go on holiday with everyone moaning about how long it is taking to get there.

Not Weather Dependant – If you do not mind getting wet or camping in the cold, then this type of holiday means that you can pretty much participate all year around, as long as the conditions are safe enough to allow it. Some holidays or activities rely on the weather being perfect, which as most of us know does not happen much, so this type of holiday means you are less dependent on the weather conditions which is often ideal.

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