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5 Common Reasons Why Vacations Are Challenging For Others

If you’re going to conduct a debate about things to hate versus things to love, it’s like unleashing the most terrible disaster of the century. Believe it or not, it would be a collision of emotions and thoughts. But what do you think are the reasons why people vary perceptions when it comes to travelling? Here’s a revelation everybody is craving to know:

1. A bad experience or personal reason

This could be a very disappointing reason. Having previous bad experiences while travelling is something every traveller can experience. Of course, you’ll always remember that experience, but it doesn’t mean you have to forget about the good ones.

Those painful encounters could intensely hit your beliefs and the way you see things. However, if those experiences include a car accident, plane crash or any vehicular disasters, there’s no doubt why it’ll stick in your heart or mind like a glue.

2. Unaware of great places to go

Not knowing the greatness of places or destinations is a very impeding factor for them. You see, even if you tell them how great places like Hervey Bay of Australia or Disneyland in Paris are, they won’t be convinced. Why?

People who think this way really need a forceful enlightenment. They are those who consider experiencing before believing. It would sound absurd to say this, but they are actually part of the pessimist society.

3. Afraid to lose their cash

There are only two possible answers when it comes to cash context. First, he doesn’t have the budget. The other one is he doesn’t want to spend his money for it could be, he’s saving it for something more important.

As for comparison, there are also people who save money for travel. These people are those who seem to enjoy having vacation experiences like whale watching in Hervey Bay or Kayak from Rose Bay to Sydney Harbour beaches. If you’re one of them, you’re lucky enough.

4. Not being comfortable away from home

There are people who prefer staying in their rooms for hours, even for days! They are those who want serenity, peace of mind and detachment from the chaotic world. Some are so used to staying at home that they experience anxiety as they step out.

According to experts, people who hate travelling could be suffering from hodophobia – fear of travel. This phobia can be also associated with agoraphobia – fear of being trapped during a panic attack.

5. Emotional connection to the present environment

There are some people who have developed an extreme affection to their current environment. Perhaps, they experience something deeply emotional in that place. It’s kind of being in love with the environment.

So, every time they think about travelling, it leads to conclusion of missing an event in that place. It’s like they don’t want to temporarily stop the things they really love doing.

Share This To Your Friends

In this generation, we simply take things for granted, including travelling. As for you who have just read the reasons why others find vacations challenging, you have now the authority to help them. Why? Of course you love harmony and peace, don’t you?

Helping them through sharing these ideas could surely diminish conflicts regarding vacation issues. You can possibly enlighten them to go for a trip! But don’t force them too much, just present them with information, suggestions or vacation tips.

It would be better to know some of their hobbies too. If they’re into fishing, show them a map of Hervey Bay great fishing spots. Perhaps, that would somehow encourage them. Find a perfect timing to talk about this.

You could also suggest spectacular places like
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=049nLio6WgA”>resorts in Hervey Bay and those blissful Fraser Island accommodation beach houses. Give it a try!

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