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3 Reasons for a Safari Beach Honeymoon

I think it’s fair to say that most people simply choose a beach honeymoon without even thinking too much about it. Beaches are indeed an absolutely amazing place to relax, to get closer to your new spouse, and often have the most luxurious accommodation you can find in the world. But combining a safari with a beach honeymoon can provide a whole new dimension to your first trip as a married couple; you’ll get the excitement of the hunt and close proximity to nature rolled in with your relaxation and ocean time. Here are three reasons you might consider combining an African safari with a traditional beach honeymoon.

1. Safaris are incredible, once in a lifetime experiences on their own. Not everyone can afford to go to Africa on a luxury holiday every year or even once every five years. When you’re splashing out, why not splash out on something unforgettable? You and your new spouse will start your life together with the most incredible memories and photographs. Plus, if you decide to go for a walking safari, your senses will come alive as you become aware of the landscape around you, and you’ll find yourself appreciating your spouse far more as a consequence. It’s an exhilarating experience that should be shared by two people in love.

2. Almost every honeymoon should have space for relaxation and simple love. That’s where the beach part of your honeymoon comes in. Sitting side by side, gazing across the water into the distance, discussing your future life plans together; sounds like bliss for any newly married couple. Your time on the beach also means you’ll be able to have fun with all the holiday standbys, like heading to the spa, swimming, and scuba diving. Some of the safari lodges will offer similar services, but it’s much easier to relax when you have an entire day ahead of nothing but sun, sand, and love.

3. Luxury is everywhere these days. If you think that a safari means you’ll be camping in a tiny tent or cramped in a small dusty room, you’ll be proved pleasantly wrong by the types of lodges on offer these days. In all likelihood you’ll find that you probably could have stayed in the lodge for the entirety of your honeymoon without missing out on any comfort. While many safari lodges do incorporate tents, they also have amazing real beds, furniture, and private bathrooms, often with walled outdoor showers. Of course, you know that the beach half of your honeymoon will be incredible, but you should be able to safely say that about both aspects of your trip.

A luxury safari combined with a blissful week on the beach can truly be the perfect honeymoon combination. If you’d like to link thrilling once in a lifetime safari experiences with the relaxation and peace of the beach, this honeymoon may just be for you.

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