2 Day Mountain Biking Chiang Mai Tour

Cycle Touring from Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao

There isn’t a better way to acquire an accurate cultural experience of a destination than on a cycle tour.

Biking from Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao, Norhtern Thailand and back with its jagged topography, untouched forests, and traditional hillside tribal villages is the ultimate off-road bicycle tour experience. Off-the-beaten-path bicycle trails allow for easy biking so that you can really appreciate it all. Though the biking is painless, you do want to have some biking proficiency as you don’t want to be learning how to bike right before this bicycle tour.

After a pretty good breakfast and swift pick-up from your Chiang Mai hotel, all members of the bike tour will be introduced to tough and well-looked after mountain bikes. Your cycling gear such as helmets, bike shorts, and shoes will be comfy because they will be yours, the ones that you bought or brought out with you for the Chiang Mai cycling tour!

A blast for all the senses with exotic scenery, matchless encounters and a mixture of natural aromas, this 2 Day Mountain Bike Adventure extracts you from your familiar normality and puts you squarly in a rural situation, an age away from your own. Previous clients have commented that it is like being on the movie set of a fantastic movie in which fantasy figures and flowers swing to the tropical rhythm with brightly coloured butterflies fluttering and flitting against a brilliant scene.

A thousand songs supply the background music as birds sing to you. All this occurs as the bicycle tour group peddle through harsh jungle occasionally catching a peek at Thailand’s 3rd highest peak. This experience is so inspiring that you’ll continually feel, “Wow! Oh wow! Wow!”. Attach a little helmet camcorder and video all the action as you become your own show producer.

Chiang Dao Elephants

Distant, expansive and wild, Chiang Dao is home to Thailand’s first elephant camp in a region where in bygone times elephants worked in logging camps. While logging has now been outlawed, tourism represents a real salvation for Asian Elephants and the Chiang Dao Elephant Camp gets you up-close and personal with these gentle giants in their authentically natural environment. See working elephant demonstrations, intermingle with the elephants and watch them bathe in the Ping River.

Elephants are fascinating, creatures with their protruding, multi-functional proboscis used for lifting, streeeeeetching for fruits and vegetation way up in the canopy, and even as a shower head to give themselves and each other a refreshing soak. Elephants can regulate the shower pressure accordingly as well! Want a tropical rain shower? No problem. Just spray less. Want a powerful fire-hydrant style spray down? No worries, just blast away! But beware. When it comes to an elephant power shower, staying dry as an innocent looker-on is not surefire!

Mother elephants and baby elephants have a inimitable relationship. It’s just way too cute to see them interacting with each other as the mother elephants try to clean their infants and the baby elephants just want to play. Well, it’s virtually the same as humans except that their tub is much bigger than ours. Everyone loves elephants and to have the opportunity to see them in their environment is not only a Kodak moment but an experience that you’ll be recalling for the rest of your days.

Hmong Pha Mieng, Lahu, Lisu and Akkha Villages

Hugging extreme ridges and boasting panoramic mountain views is the tiny, remote Hmong Pha Mieng village. Go just a bit further and the Lahu village Kup Kap pops out at you. Swimming, sewing, observing and maybe even helping out with some organic gardening, are just among some of the day by day life activities that you’ll most likely get to experience as you hang out with the hill tribes people. Trade your bike for a buffalo ride or an elephant ride and journey local style.

Hill Tribes and their Homesteads in Northern Thailand

In the west, we have grown accustomed to expecting a certain standard of comfort from our houses; natural light, amenities and various conveniences. While you go along the mountain biking trails of Northern Thailand you see in the Hill Tribes people a different way of life; a rural lifestyle governed by time old traditions and customs which is far less convoluted than our own.

Built on wooden stilts, rudimentary verandahs spill into one main living area with a wood stove generally being located at the rear of the room that has Bamboo walls, a rattan floor, thatched roof and handmade interior decorations and curios. There is no architectural cloning nor prefabricating up here and no two villages are the same. Instead each hill tribe village offers a style variation of its own inspired and inherited through generations of customs and heritage.

For the majority of the hill tribes people of Northern Thailand survival is at a subsistence level; they produce what they eat with little left over to trade. They are opportunisits though and up until fairly recently poppies were a popular cash crop! These little horrors have subsequently been replaced by flower cultivation of a less noxious kind, tea, coffee and other products as a result of a project introduced by the King of Thailand. Hill Tribes people also draw on long-established skills to produce cultural handicrafts which for sale. While some Thailand tours unsympathetically descend on pre selected hill tribes villages in their droves, the mountain biking Chiang Mai tour wins again by being able to follow remote mountain bike trails in our quest for authenticity and responsible travel.

The mountain biking Chiang Mai adventure is an amazing experience in itself yet to meet the villagers and to connect with them in real life just slams the exclamation mark on to this awesome two-day bike trip. Pictures cannot do justice. Words cannot do justice. The lives of the Hill Tribes people of Northern Thailand are not only remote geographically but so far removed from our world.

The 2 Day Mountain Biking Chiang Mai Tour

This bike tour from Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao in the North of Thailand is a perfect family adventure with easy biking along off-road mountain bike trails. To really grasp the incredible bicycling, the mountain-scape, the authentic rural life and the overall cultural immersion a reasonable level of fitness and Cyling experience is recommended for this active 2 day mountain biking Chiang Mai tour.

Highlights of this adventure Mountain Biking experience include staying overnight at a hill tribe lodge with the Padang, visiting the Chiangdao caves, interacting with the elephants and, of course, the stunning scenery. The bicycle tour is totally suitable for family fun and a support car accompanies the bicycle tour from start to finish. On the whole if you are spending time in Chiang Mai on your holiday and are searching for inspiring little tours from Chiang Mai, this 2 day mountain bike family adventure certainly is certainly one to consider.

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