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15 Things to Do When You Visit Kerala

Things to do When you Visit Kerala

Kerala, the most beautiful state of India, encasing the natural beauty along with the adventures has a great deal to offer when it comes to travelers visiting the state. Kerala has always been a part of attraction from the ancient times. The calm, serene, and composing environment, it has to offer, is unlike any other place in India. The most amazing attraction of the state is the boat race competitions that are organized on various occasions. These events are thrilling and adventurous. Let us have a look what you can possibly do on your next visit to this magnificent state.

Snake Boat Race: During the months of July to September, on the occasion of Onam, the snake boat races are organized in Alleppey with fervor and a great zest. To witness the boat race from close-by, you can even hire a boat. This event is the most popular one in Kerala.

Houseboat in Alleppey: Hire a houseboat on the occasion of a ceremony, family get-together, a weekend getaway with friends, conference, honeymoon, or any other celebration. These well-furnished boats can be booked online. The boat includes all the meals of the day, along with customized services that can be availed on demand.

Tree House Stay:Kerala is the state, which is close to nature; therefore, it would be a great experience to witness the beauty of nature of the tree house. Rent a house for a complete day and have the most amazing feeling fulfilling your dream of childhood.

Fort Kochi Architect Tour: It is an eclectic architecture; from the ancient times, it has witnessed the presence and rule of Dutch, British, Arabs, Portuguese, and Chinese. You can visit the place on foot or bicycle, including various other places too.

Watch a Kathakali Performance: Dancers dressed in colorful dresses display the magnificent Kathakali performance, which is a dance form in which artists enchant the stories of the land just by their expressions and postures. It is a must do thing while visiting Kerala.

Ayurvedic Massage: When it comes to relaxing, Kerala is on the top as what it offers to travelers is par excellence; the Ayurveda massage is a prime attraction of the state with thousands of travelers visiting the state every year.

Bird Watching at Kumarakom: Kumarakom bird sanctuary is a must go place for bird-lovers. The place is about three hours from Kochi. You can spot migratory birds such as heron, Siberian foul, egret, waterfowl, etc. November to February is an ideal time to visit the place.

Bullock Race Mania: It is an exhilarating experience to see the bullock race. It is rustic, it is full of clouds of dirt, but it is fun. Watch the bullock racing from a few meters distance. Malapuram district hosts the event every year.

The Bamboo Rafting: The exclusive attraction of the state of Kerala is bamboo rafting. Experience the rafting in the very way as it used to be in its early stages. Enjoy the flora, fauna, and the exotic sceneries.

Elephant Safari: What could be more fascinating than to ride an elephant? You can have this amazing experience in the state of Kerala. Experience the wildlife sanctuary from the back of an elephant.

Visit Tribal Villages: There are 48 tribal communities in Kerala. They are found in deep forests and have many customs and rituals, which are quite amazing. The tour operators can arrange a visit for you to experience their rituals and living style.

Trekking Through the forests: A hike through the dense forests of Kerala will get you accustomed with the prevalent species of flora and fauna. Watching the birds and animals in their natural habitat can be an enriching experience.

Crocodiles at Neyyar: At Neyyar, there is crocodile research and rehabilitation center, it is becoming a picnic spot at a fast rate. Visitors are allowed to watch the amazing animals. It is a crocodile-breeding center.

Go For a Village Tour: The villages of Kerala provide an insight to the natural beauty at its best. These villages are a few kilometers from the cities. A visit to these villages can be arranged by the travel agent.

The Sunset at the Kovalam Beach: About 16 kilometers from Thiruvanathpuram, the finest beach of Kerala is the Kovalam Beach. Watch the beautiful sunset at the beach, the star attractions that are present at the beach are Lighthouse, Hawah Beach, and the Samudra beach.

Kerala has a great variety of places to visit for; it encases everything from the beauty, culture, architecture to wildlife, flora, and fauna. It is the first and foremost place for nature lovers who seem to have a weekend away from the hefty and monotonous city life. For various occasions houseboat can also be booked in advance at

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